“For the first time in my life I can see myself maintaining this exercise regime…let’s see where it takes me”.
Nolan, 43, Melbourne.

“David* came home on Wednesday very happy. He says he's the happiest he's ever been! He said the difference is he doesn't worry about birds. He doesn't think about them all the time.”

 Mother discussing 11 year old boy with bird phobia, Melbourne.

 *Name changed to protect privacy

"You have had a real positive impact on Laura, she spoke very highly of your nurturing ways. Laura has done remarkably well this year so far. Stress levels are definitely in check.  I can’t thank you enough!"

Laura's Mother about Laura, 17, year 12 student, Melbourne

"Last night I went to bed very early and listened to the tape, I spent a few hours reading and became thirsty but didn't want to go downstairs in case I was distracted by food. Finally I went down and had a drink, when I came back to bed I realised that I had not even thought about eating anything. I was amazed!"

Melanie, 65, Melbourne

"Georgia's just left to meet up with old workmates and it was amazing. Stress free, calm, on time, no hassles with hair, makeup, clothes etc. She didn’t even have a cider to calm any nerves, or even mention that she was nervous.  I cant believe the difference. Thank you so much for all your help."

Georgia's Mother about Georgia, 25, Melbourne

"I don't know what you did but wow I have been so much calmer. I wish you lived in Brisbane."

Sally, 37, Brisbane.

"Through Rebecca's gentle and comforting practice, I was able to gain clarity and a new perspective on an ongoing issue in my life. Through my experience with Rebecca and hypnotherapy I was able to feel and increase in confidence and in turn I have opened my mind and heart to allow more into my life."

Kira, 25, Sydney.

"Rebecca was able to identify and skillfully focus on my core issues. The session provided me with valuable insights into my unhelpful patterns and useful ways to break these patterns. I felt a renewed sense of purpose and clarity after the session."

Gavin, 40, Sydney.

"I came to Rebecca by recommendation from a friend, she allowed me to experience mindfulness which led to immediate change in my life. Thank you Rebecca."

Mike, 29, Melbourne.