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3 Myths About Putting Your Passion into Action

Myth Number 1 – If you are truly passionate about something you must make a living from it

When I help clients with career change, part of the session uses hypnosis to uncover early passions and interests. I find that when clients return to the carefree state of childhood, many become re-acquainted with their passion for discovery and creation, in all its varied forms. Creating is after all, the essence of being human. So, when a client remembers the joy they felt when they discovered the world of insects for example, or the satisfaction they felt from sewing dolls or pincushions, or constructing bridges from matchsticks, this gives them valuable insights into what makes them tick and what fuels their joy of living.

I have the philosophy that our passion does not need to be our job in order for us to live a happy and fulfilling life. In fact, most of us who are searching, and maybe have been searching for some time for our “life purpose” through the job ads on SEEK, are probably feeling more trapped, hopeless and confused than ever.

More and more, I see each day as a microcosm of our life. If being active makes you burst with life force but you only play sport once a week, then you’re not listening to yourself. If art gives you a buzz and you’re not going to galleries or painting or sculpting or learning to act – the list goes on endlessly – then you are not listening to yourself. If you get comfortably lost in lists and numbers, or writing, or doing online research, and you don’t find time to sit at your desk for a period in the day and immerse yourself, then you’re not listening to yourself.

When you include a little bit of passion in every day, in no time you find that you are leading a passionate life. Discovering the actions and ways of being that bring you joy, opens doors to possibilities in all realms of your life.

However, when you feel totally out of place and miserable in your job, day in day out, it may be that what you do for a living is seriously out of alignment with your values. Gaining clarity about your values and what you stand for (not what your parents, friends growing up, teachers or community stand for) will help you determine if this is why you are unhappy in your profession. Then we can start thinking laterally about how your existing education and skills can transfer to other areas, and what you could learn or study to forge new pathways.

I encourage clients to try things. It’s that simple.

Myth 2 – I can only leave my current job when I find out what my real passion is.

I know this myth from the inside, because I lived it, I was trapped in it. I had given myself a life sentence because I couldn’t think of where I really wanted to go. It was a catch 22. I like to help clients think laterally, so that if they are miserable in their current job, an interim measure can be put in place. And here comes the crunch, sometimes those interim measures involve a pay cut. Many people get deterred from making career changes because of this reality. And this is where your values come into play. Are happiness and self-respect more important to you than a tropical holiday? A top gym membership? A new car? If we want to see ourselves living differently, breaking the soul-destroying cycle of boredom, then sacrifices will usually need to be made. Of course, different life circumstances will require different ways of tackling this question. If you have a partner, then they need to be included in the discussion. A supportive partner will want to see you feeling happy and fulfilled, not living the life of a hamster in a wheel. Similarly, if you have dependents, then you need to look at your options realistically. I doubt anyone would want to reflect on their childhood and say “Dad was miserable in his job all his life, but didn’t have the courage to do anything about it”, or “Mum always felt she didn’t live up to her potential”.

Making a career change will sometimes mean moving laterally rather than higher on the social ladder. It may even mean a step down. The next job may not turn out to be “it”, nor the next. But each will be a stepping stone towards greater fulfilment and more personal power, knowing you are giving yourself the respect you deserve.

Myth 3 – if it’s meant to be, it will all fall into place and the opportunity will magically appear.

Change requires action, and action requires intention and planning. Courage is required. And this is also where hypnotherapy can help. It can help you have the insights you need to move forward and infuse you with the excitement and drive you need to see it through. Change requires effort, and sometimes it all seems too hard on your own. I will use coaching techniques to help you stay motivated and provide encouragement, so that you don’t sell yourself short of your potential. The beautiful thing about potential is that it never decreases. You had the same potential the day you were born as you do today. If you tap into the vastness of that potential, then you can create fulfilling change in your life, in all areas.

Do you see your own story in any of these myths? Then try hypnosis. Come and see me in South Yarra, Melbourne and let’s get started on your career transformation.

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