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What is Your Pain Trying to Tell You?

Are you in chronic pain? Have you tried just about everything? Heat packs, ice packs, stretches, swimming, warm baths with salts, pain killers, physio sessions, osteo sessions, acupuncture…the list goes on.

When pain becomes part of your life, it’s really hard to focus on anything else. That’s because pain is meant to be a warning system. The body is alerting you to something. But most of the time we search for physical answers and the answer is usually one of these: the desk job, the repetitive strain, the extra weight, the over-exercising or the inactivity. Or we can point to a specific event that led to the pain: a trip, a fall, an exercise injury. But how many of us think about the psychological or emotional reasons behind why this may be happening to us? This is the key to uncovering what is going on for you and once you have done that, the pain can recede because it has done its job.

I recently had the luck of being overwhelmed with pain. I couldn’t walk without extreme pain, and nobody could tell me what the problem was exactly, let alone the cause. I had inflammation in my left foot and tenosynovitis in my right ankle. That’s right. Both feet. Two months of visits to GP’s, xrays, ultrasounds and countless blood tests and a three-day stint in hospital later – and still no answers. The best hypothesis was: inflammation caused by a spider bite. The pain was one thing to deal with, but the fear was way worse.

I asked myself a lot of questions. And I had a lot of time on the couch to do so. One of them was: what does this condition mean for me in my life right now? The bottom line was I was grounded. I couldn’t go anywhere. And I couldn’t do much. As someone who enjoys being active and outside, and who was organising an overseas trip, it was difficult for me to be cooped up for such a long time. It required surrender and putting my plans on hold. We all know the saying: We plan and God/the Universe laughs. Well I’d come down with a case of that.

Now, I’m not going to tell you I have all the answers or that I even have THE answer to why this happened to me. But the inflammation is slowly subsiding and I’m able to be on my feet again, but still slowly and with caution. I hope to soon be at the point where I’m running up or down stairs (who ever wished for that?!).

How long have you been wishing for this to be over for you? Do you wonder what it’s going to take? Or do you feel like you’ve been handed a life sentence? When this happened to me I thought I would be back to normal in a matter of days…wrong!

I can help get past what’s preventing you from moving forward and healing yourself. Using hypnosis and other tools, I can help you shift things so that you’re not left behind while everyone around you enjoys being alive and well. Time to join the club.

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