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Three years ago I was sitting at my computer drafting commercial agreements. If someone had told me then that I would be working as a hypnotherapist today in Melbourne, I wouldn’t have believed them! But that is the mystery of our life path, we can’t know the future. It’s also one of the foundations of the strategic hypnotherapy I offer to clients, because part of modern living is coming to grips with the many choices we need to make. Where to live, what career to choose, what career move to make, what life partner to choose? The list is endless. And if we are uncertain about the basis of our choices, then we start to doubt, panic and even become paralysed.

Like many of us, I chose to study law out of a combination of ambition, idealism and societal influence. I discovered early on that languages and philosophy interested me way more than contracts and legislation, but yet, I persisted and finished my studies. Once in the workforce I had hard confirmation that working as a lawyer didn’t align with my personal vision and values. Although commercial law gave me plenty of perks, a high salary, prestige and the ability to take my job overseas, it was not living up to my expectations of having a meaningful career.

But then what? Go back to university? Try a different area of law? Stick to it regardless? These were my choices, and I lived in a state of confusion and paralysis for quite some time. I eventually went back to study psychology at Monash University and then studied hypnotherapy to lead me to where I am today. I acted on my dissatisfaction, made choices, took chances and here I am today living and working in Melbourne again and doing something I love.

My favourite clients are young people, coming to terms with the pressures of living this super-charged modern lifestyle we have created and testing out their decision-making abilities. I find great satisfaction in giving them tools and guidance to be mindful, relaxed, focused, resilient and enthusiastic about their studies and their future. Of course, I enjoy helping clients of all ages to overcome relationship difficulties, phobias, anxiety, habits, pain and just about any issue that is having a detrimental impact on their lives.

I’m excited to be practising out of two locations, Hawksburn Health, 15 Luxton Road, South Yarra and ReachHealth, 328 Glein Eira Road Elsternwick.
Please contact me if you would like to experience hypnosis:

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